Business Principle

  • Respect

  • Maximization of enterprise value

  • Business Field

    Customized POS device Solution! We have professional experience and R&D technology for over 20 years.


    • KIOSK Payment System (15”/21”/22”/23”/32”)
    • KIOSK Solution (Access Management/Ticketing Management/Franchise)
  • Thermal Surveillance System

    • Neo Thermal Surveillance Camera (NTC2010)
    • Kids Guard System (NTC3010)
    • Thermal Screen System (Stand alone type)
  • Touch Monitor

    • POS Touch Monitor (4 wire/5 wire/Resistive Touch)
    • Ultrasonic diagnostic device C/P, Touch Monitor (Resistive Touch or P-CAP)
    • Industrial Touch Monitor (Resistive Touch or P-CAP)
  • Input Device Industry

    • Special Input Device Development Industry(H/W,S/W,F/W)
    • Input Device ODM Development and Solution of Industry/Bank/POS/Medical/Games
    • Input Device Business of PC type
    • Issue Solution and Support Business of the Input Devices
  • POS Peripherals

    • POS PLU Programmable Keyboards
    • POS Touch Monitors
    • SCR(IC CARD)/보안MSR
    • Passport Reader & Scanner
    • Raspberry Pi