Passport Reader & Scanner

Product Features


Passport Reader & Scanner

  1. Competitive price and Korean Technology by us, BTC SECU
  2. OCD FONT Algorithm Analysis - reading rate 99%
  3. For repair, easy to change firmware and excellent customer service
  4. High reading rate comparing to SWAP 
  5. Easy to Read MRZ and coated passport 
  6. Easy to interwork with POS, CAT and PDA  (RJ, RS232)
  7. Block fake passport by Checkdigt Checking
  8. Installable for Tax-Refund stores, Airports, immigration and duty-free stores. 

Product specification

Reading type Insert type (Slot in type) ROM 8G byte
INTERFACE USB(2.0) & Serial & Beullutuseu CMOS CAMERA 5 MEGA PIXEL
CPU Cotex-A9 Quad Core 1.4GHz Reading speed 1second
MEMORY DDR3, 1Gbyte Dimension 150.0 X 91.0 X 52.0mm


* Passport Reader Scanner