Thermal Surveillance Camera System

Product Features


Thermal Surveillance Camera of Face Automatic Recognition

  1. Thermal Surveillance Camera with stability and accuracy
  2. Excellent measurement by face recognition
  3. Mask wearable
  4. Guarantee your safety by access automatic control
  5. Excellent customer service
  6. Korean Technology (K-Tech), manufactured by "BTC SECU"
  7. Installable at various place 

Installation example

Golf Zone

Product specification

Thermal Surveillance Sensor 80 X 60 Surveillance Fever Temperature 34 ~ 42℃
Face Recognition Sensor 640 X 480 Accuracy ±0.3℃
Reading Speed Every seconds by real streaming Measuring unit 0.1℃
Distance of Surveillance 50 ~ 200cm Dimension 140.7(W) X 97.2(D) X 59.3(H)


* Thermal Surveillance Camera System